Frequently Asked Questions

I only run a small business, am I required to Test & Tag?
As an employer or self-employed person, you have a duty of care to ensure that employees and visitors to the workplace are safe from injury and risks to health. You must, therefore, manage any safety risks surrounding electrical hazards, in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (the Act) and the Regulation.

To support the application of a risk management approach to electrical safety, you must also comply with the specific legislative requirements outlined in clause 64 and 65 of the OHS Regulation 2001.

Clause 64 (2) requires,

• all electrical equipment that is used in construction work to be regularly inspected, tested and maintained by a competent person to ensure it is safe for use, and

• All electrical equipment at a place of work that is found to be unsafe is disconnected from the electricity supply and is repaired, replaced or permanently removed from use.

Clause 65 (1) requires,

• that an employer must ensure that a record is made and kept of all inspections and tests made and maintenance carried out on electrical equipment

Electrical safety advice from Energy Safe Victoria, please click on link: Regular Checking of Electrical Equipment
I need Testing and Tagging done urgently, how soon can you quote and get the job done?
We can usually supply a quote within 24 hours and work is usually carried out within a week of job confirmation.
What appliances will you need to test in order for my company to be Worksafe compliant?
Any 230v and 415v plug in electrical items within the workplace such as mobile phone chargers, fork lift chargers, power-boards, pallet wrappers, welders, fridges, printers etc
What equipment do you use?
Metrel DeltaPAT and Metrel SmarTEC, market leading testers designed to safely test IT equipment and other specialised electronic equipment.
Will the testing cause disruption to my business?
We can usually test and tag with minimum disruption to your business, however, if it is not convenient we can also undertake the work outside your usual trading hours.
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Single and 3 Phase Electrical Testing and Tagging
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Microwave Oven Radiation Leakage Testing
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What our customers say

We are a busy air conditioning and mechanical services company so safety is paramount. We book ARK Testing a year in advance to keep our equipment OH&S compliant. Their prices are competitive. They are always on time and efficient.
Carl - ICT Manager - Chillmech Services
ARK Testing are flexible around our busy schedule to ensure we have no production downtime whilst they test our exit lights, RCD’s and 3 phase equipment.
Peter - Production - Nu-Mega Ingredients
The ARK Testing team are reliable and always happy to visit our painting teams on location, no matter where they are working in and around Melbourne!!
Frank - Director - Index Painting and Decorating
Nothing is more important than keeping our staff and children safe.  ARK Testing have been keeping the centre OH&S compliant for several years. They are always here early to minimise the disruption to the children.
Judy - Occasional Child Care Centre Diamond Creek
ARK Testing
ARK Testing